What we do

Elevon Consulting Oy provides its clients ideas and advice on how to develop business-to-business services and on ways to accelerate development work and growth. I help and advise on change management, customer interaction and operating models, corporate strategy, financing, and capital structure. My clients represent several industries, e.g. investment banks, software companies, corporate restructurers, and private equity sponsors.

With financial institutions, my aim is to create new, agile business models for our clients and to ensure them a front-runner position in rolling out new, innovative services. We are active in the innovative fintech and insurtech start-up scene, advising on strategy and growth, and helping clients to gain access to industry incumbents for partnerships and business. For clients in the financial industry, I provide advice on restructuring of their clients’ financing and corporate structure. Elevon Consulting Oy and its owner are independent of any financial institutions and dedicated to providing client-focused advice with a strong emphasis on implementability instead of heavy report slide decks.